Ryan Krone

Ryan Krone defends businesses in all aspects of labor and employment matters, including wrongful terminations, breach of contract matters, discrimination and harassment claims, ADA cases, FMLA cases, wage and hour cases, as well as government agency audits. Ryan also has experience litigating labor and employment-related matters in state and federal courts. Ryan’s practice also focuses on employment counseling, trade secret and non-compete claims, and injunctive proceedings. He has extensive experience counseling employers on issues related to federal and state labor and employment statutes and laws. Additionally, Ryan has experience drafting agreements pertaining to severance, arbitration, and employee handbooks and policies.

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Non-Union Employers Beware: The NLRB Pendulum is Pushed Pro-Union

Employers that want to maintain non-union status must be aware of the significant and rapid shift of the NLRB toward pro-union positions. Everyone expected the NLRB pendulum to swing pro-union, but few observers expected the pendulum to be immediately and forcibly pushed as it has been. First was the prompt and unprecedented ousting of the General Counsel and Deputy General … Continue Reading