Paige Newman

Paige Newman is an associate in the Labor and Employment Practice Group. Paige focuses her practice on matters relating to state and federal discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wage and hour claims.

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How Much Worse Off Must an Employee Be Post-Job Transfer to State a Title VII Claim?

In what may be considered a “win” for employees, the United States Supreme Court recently clarified that an employee challenging a job transfer as “discriminatory” need only prove that they sustained “some” harm due to the transfer, not “significant” harm, to assert a Title VII violation. Although the bar may appear to have been lowered, … Continue Reading

New Year, Same Analysis – The Eleventh Circuit Reiterates Proper Standard for Evaluating Employment Discrimination Claims

The McDonnell Douglas burden-shifting framework used to evaluate employment discrimination claims may not be permanently cast aside, but a recent decision reminds us that it is not the only means through which employees can prove that unlawful discrimination occurred. Specifically, in Tynes v. Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals recently … Continue Reading

Fifth Circuit Inches Adverse Employment Action Marker Closer to Title VII Goalpost, But Potentially Punts to Supreme Court for the Ultimate Decision

Title VII prohibits discrimination against an individual with respect to their compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, based on certain protected characteristics, but how material must an adverse action or change in status be? Title VII does not define “privileges of employment,” and courts across the country have adopted their own materiality standards for … Continue Reading

Florida’s New Immigration Bill: What Employers Need to Know

Florida employers should prepare now to comply with a new law taking effect in July, aimed at ensuring that employers do not allow undocumented immigrants to work in their businesses. Senate Bill 1718 (SB 1718), which became law on May 10, 2023, is an expansive immigration bill enacted in response to the expiration of federal … Continue Reading

Handle With Care: Dealing With the Aftermath of Layoffs

Mass layoffs have been the topic of discussion in the technology industry over the last several months, with tens of thousands of employees laid off so far in 2023 alone. In many cases, the layoffs are tied to concerns related to the current economic environment, as companies exercise caution in reducing expenses in anticipation of … Continue Reading

Emerging Trend: Curbing Non-Compete Agreements

Employers may find it increasingly difficult to protect customer relationships built on their dime as more states enact enhanced restrictions on non-compete agreements, or even bar them altogether. While employers may want to protect their investment by having employees sign agreements that restrict them from working for competitors or servicing the same customers once the … Continue Reading

Sexual Harassment Complainants Guaranteed Their Day in Court – Employers Beware the Implications

Since the onset of the #MeToo movement, allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace are frequently spotlighted in the news and on social media. Still, many claims between employers and employees are resolved outside of the public eye, through mandatory arbitration. New legislation passed this month by the U.S. House and Senate, pending President Biden’s … Continue Reading