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A recognized authority on workforce matters with more than two decades of experience, Debra Leder provides employers with human resources consultation, corporate due diligence assistance, review and drafting of employment-related agreements and contracts, employee handbooks and policies. Serving a broad client base of various sized companies, Debra navigates all facets of administrative agency investigations and audits, litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution processes, evidentiary hearings, trial and appeal, including claims relating to harassment, discrimination and retaliation (including whistleblower and workers compensation retaliation), overtime pay or other alleged unpaid wages, family and medical leave, trade secret litigation, and non-compete and other restrictive covenant disputes.

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LGBTQ+: What’s the Fuss?

The Respect for Marriage Act is now law, upholding recognition of interracial and same-sex marriages, and the U.S. Supreme Court has held that sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in the workplace is illegal, but what rights do LGBTQ+ employees have in the workplace and how inclusive must employers be? The EEOC’s attempt to provide … Continue Reading

Policing Politics In The Workplace – Keeping The Peace On Election Day And Beyond

With early voting and vote by mail, methods of voting have become easier and more flexible and convenient than ever before—but policing politics in the workplace can be trickier than interpreting a hanging chad! Here’s what employers can do to ensure that a color war of red and blue does not ensue, after navigating through … Continue Reading

The EEOC Poster Just Had A Makeover – Here Is What Employers Need To Know…And Do!

It will now be even easier for employees to access, understand, and enforce their rights to be free from unlawful workplace harassment and discrimination—with just the aim of their smartphone or other cherished device. The “EEO is the Law” poster, which has mandatorily adorned employee break room bulletin boards across the country, just had a … Continue Reading

With This Ring, I Thee Confer Benefits… The Meaning of “I Do”

Based upon an IRS determination which took effect last week, same-sex couples who enter into marriages in jurisdictions that recognize such marriages are now treated as married for federal tax purposes, regardless of whether the couple lives in a jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriage.  The IRS will now allow pre-tax dollars to be used to … Continue Reading