Jeffrey S. Horton Thomas

Jeffrey S. Horton Thomas

From Fortune 500 corporations to mid-market employers, Jeffrey Horton Thomas focuses his practice on representing employers and management in all aspects of California and federal employment law before state and federal courts and administrative agencies. He regularly defends employers on issues involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, disability accommodation, wage and hour, and PAGA lawsuits and administrative actions. His clients span various sectors including hospitality, technology, retail, professional services, manufacturing, and apparel. Clients value his aggressive approach and mature judgment in defending litigation.

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Say Goodbye to Independent Contractors: The New “ABC” Test of Employee Status

The circumstances under which California businesses may classify workers as independent contractors rather than employees under California wage laws have been greatly narrowed by a decision the California Supreme Court issued April 30, 2018. The landmark decision in the case known as Dynamex presumes that all workers are employees, sets out a new three-part “ABC” test businesses must satisfy in … Continue Reading