The more things change, the more they stay the same. As labor and employment lawyers, in-house counsel, and human resources professionals, we are thrown into a whirlwind of complex workplace legal issues on a daily basis. No matter what the issue, though, I find that these fundamental questions pop up on a consistent basis:

  • Is this employee eligible for FMLA leave?
  • Does this medical condition count as a “disability”?
  • How many employees in a layoff trigger WARN Act notice?
  • Do we have to accommodate employees’ religious beliefs?
  • What are “protected characteristics” under Title VII?
  • How do I notify employees of their COBRA rights?

At the annual Akerman Labor & Employment Seminar, we will address these questions and much more during the ABC’s of Labor & Employment Laws session. We will cover basic knowledge of several labor and employment laws we encounter every day: Title VII, ADEA, FMLA, ADAAA, WARN, Florida’s Whistleblower Act, OSHA, and USERRA.

Even the most experienced human resources professionals and legal experts will find something new to add to their knowledge base, making them a better resource for their respective organizations. Join me for this interactive session as we get back to basics. To learn more about the Akerman Labor & Employment Law Seminar, please visit