The U.S. employer that wishes to have a foreign national conduct business with its company or work for its company in the United States should determine if a temporary visa or a more permanent immigration solution is required for time spent in the United States. As part of this strategy, the U.S. based employer should work closely with the foreign national to determine her educational background and employment experience abroad, especially if it is with a related entity of the U.S. based employer, in order to develop a well-rounded immigration plan.

Developing a successful immigration planning and compliance program can be accomplished by the HR professional that familiarizes himself with the I-9 Form, and understands the policy behind temporary employment options and permanent employment options. With new tools available to employers such as the E-Verify program, being able to track and manage the I-9 process and ensuring new employees are properly verified and existing employees are properly re-verified, the often complex world of immigration law and procedures can effectively be de-mystified.

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